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Gassy Tanks UST Certification


We are E-Learning Professionals

Gassy Tanks is a fun take on our UST Certification, which is developed by Boom Interactive Learning, LLC. At Boom, we are dedicated to the e-learning industry and have pioneered methods in various online education industries. We produce high-quality content by including games, videos, and activities to make learning interesting and enjoyable for our students all across the country! Not to mention, our customer support team is based in the U.S. and willing to help our customers register for courses and diagnose any technical issues that they might encounter.

Our online courses are 100% approved.

FLDEP Approved

At Gassy Tanks, even though we try to make you laugh, our courses are 100% approved to the meet the strict standards established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for owners and operators of facilities with underground storage tanks.

100% Approved by FLDEP

It is important that you know that the course you are taking is approved by the state and the agency in order to receive proper credit and approval from UST inspectors. Failure to do so can result in noncompliance and corresponding consequences. Luckily, Gassy Tanks is 100% approved by the state of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FLDEP).

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