For the awesome Owners & Managers who actually care, we offer an exclusive

Business Account Manager (BAM)

Easy, Organized & Convenient

There are hundreds and hundreds of gas stations and other facilities that have underground storage tanks throughout each state. Because of this, it can be difficult for Area Directors to keep up with new managers and employees and their certifications. That’s why we offer an unique Business Account Manager (BAM) tool that’s perfect for mid- to large-size business with many affiliated stores. Our intuitive business account manager allows the company to buy the certifications and the Area Director or their subordinate to assign managers and employees certifications so that they can ensure everyone is well-trained!

Record-keeping Perks:

  • The company headquarters can keep track of all course completions for managers for the A/B certifications and employees for the Class C.

Affordable Bulk Buying

Safety Training Saves $$$

If you have the chance to save money, wouldn’t you? Of course you would! The way that your employees are trained to respond in an emergency could mean the difference between no property damage and thousands of dollars of property damage and closing the business for a few days. Increasing safety in the workplace ultimately saves your business money.

We rewards businesses who plan ahead for employee training!

Although investing in staff training isn’t usually the “FUN” thing to do, it makes a LOT of sense.

We’ve established our bulk buying program and Business Account Manager to allow you to get a discounted rate when you buy the course for multiple employees and give you the convenience of our Business Account Manager to support your business!

Call us today to set up a business account and enjoy these discounted rates on your Class ‘C’ employee certifications.

Because of higher turnover rates we offer Special Bulk Rates for the class C certification. 

  • 11-50: 10% discount
  • 51-200: 15% discount
  • 201-500: 20% discount
  • 501-1000: 25% discount
  • 1001-3000: 30% discount

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