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Class C Courses

Our Class C UST Course is designed for ANY employee that works at a facility with a underground storage tank.

Class A/B CouRSES

Our A/B Course ensures that operators have the required knowledge and skills to implement UST regulatory requirements,

State Approved

We are an official State Provider for underground storage training with may perks.

Here our just some of our perks:
Connecticut Class C Underground Storage Training


You can’t drive a car without knowing the basic controls! This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions on driving preparation, including mirror settings and seat belt operations. You’ll also learn about basic dashboard lights as well as speed, posture and steering through fun interactions and videos.

In this section, you’ll take a closer look at different traffic signs and what they mean. These signs help prevent traffic collisions and fatalities, which is why it’s very important to know them. There are plenty of interactions to guide you on understanding traffic signals, warning signs, basic road rules and much more!

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The final exam consists of 20 questions. You must pass the course in order to earn your completion certificate.



You won’t be stuck waiting on snail mail! You can download your certificate of completion as soon as you finish the course. 

We know receiving your certificate is time-sensitive. This is why we offer the fastest available certificate processing possible.  


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Fast ONLINE registration, quick payment and immediate access. Our course is very easy to navigate and very easy to understand.

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We do not compromise quality for convenience. We offer EASY, yet high-quality experiences for anyone from any age group.


Our courses are designed to fit any schedule. Start/Stop anytime, anywhere. Our courses are mobile friendly for easy access.


Business Account Management. We make it easy for managers to control bulk certifications.

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